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Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is a valuable resource in the field of archaeology and has proven its effectiveness in research around the world.  PTA utilizes a variety of remote sensing equipment to enhance and better interpret the information recovered during projects.  The particular type and model of equipment is dependent upon the type of site, soils, saturation, and what information is being sought.

The assortment of basic equipment that PTA utilizes on projects includes:

  • Discriminating metal detectors
  • Schonstedt magnetic locators
Higher end items include:

  • M858M magnetometer with a gradiometer sensor
  • Geonics EM61-MK2
  • High resolution metal detection instrument
  • GSSI SIR-3000 GPR collection system with a 400 MHz dipole antenna

Whatever the project, PTA is ready to meet your needs.

PTA Crew Member Conducting a Schonstedt Survey