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Building Condition Assessment

Building Condition Assessment

Abandoned Turpentine Camp Houses

PTA offers services to determine the current condition of various historic structures and whether they are potentially eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

How the Process Works

The property is assessed in terms of whether it retains original structural integrity, the extent of compromised integrity, and whether compromised integrity can be restored.  Examples of issues that are considered include interior and exterior treatment, leakage, termite damage, type of flooring and stability, etc.  The description includes details on the original construction and modifications versus present condition, with attention to construction type, materials, techniques, floor plans, roof type, fenestration, doors, etc.

Based on the information obtained during the assessment, a determination can be made as to whether or not the building is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.  In the event that the building is eligible, the experienced staff at PTA will work to make nomination of the building a smooth, simple process.