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Site Testing & Evaluation

Site Testing & Evaluation

Crew Member Excavating a Historic Site
In cases where an unequivocal evaluation of National Register of Historic Places eligibility cannot be made at the survey level effort, a program of formal site testing may be required if impact to the property cannot be avoided.

If the site is found eligible, a work plan and cost estimate is prepared.  Planning begins with the coordination of the project manager and PTA officers to set up the team, establish project needs, develop timelines, and other organizational tasks necessary for efficient project implementation and completion.

Timely performance is a key element in compliance and efficient project management.  PTA understands that schedules must be met.  The opportunity to pursue the kinds of research offered by CRM contracts comes with a price and a calendar, both of which are made clear to project personnel from the outset.

This task involves:

  • Excavation to sample the site contents
  • Analysis of recovered items
  • Interpretation of findings
  • Unequivocal evaluation of National Register of Historic Places eligibility
  • Management recommendations