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Historic Preservation Planning

Historic Preservation Planning

The Federal Government and the state of Florida require that prehistoric and historic resources be located, identified, and protected.  PTA has over 35 years of experience in historic preservation planning and has the resources and personnel available to take on any project at any time.  PTA prides itself on producing quality work at affordable rates and has published over 1,300 archaeological reports from projects conducted across the nation.  PTA offers services to meet any needs that may arise with historic preservation projects.

Some of our recent events include:

PTA recognizes the importance of historic preservation planning to preserve our cultural resources for many generations to come, as stated in the Florida Historic Preservation Plan.  As such, we take part in many local events to promote public awareness and have also created lesson plans for schools to teach about local history.

  • Thunderbird Pow Wow
  • Baker Heritage Day
  • The Indian Temple Mound Museum’s 50th Birthday
  • Mardi Gras
  • Billy Bowlegs Festival
  • Archaeology Day
  • Earth Day
  • Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce BBQ
PTA Lab Director at Earth Day