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Archaeological Survey

Archaeological Survey

The purpose of archaeological survey is to locate, delineate, and determine the eligibility status of archaeological sites for the National Register of Historic Places.  Although this is only the first step in archaeological research of an area, it is a crucial step in the process and lays the foundation for any future work that may be required; it may also be the only work required for an area which is why it is vital that the information is thorough and accurate.  PTA ensures quality work  during this phase of the archaeological process and focuses on efficiently completing the work in the most economical manner.

Intensive surveys require background research, pedestrian survey, subsurface testing, analysis of cultural occurrences, interpretation of findings, and preparation of recommendations on the National Register of Historic Places eligibility of any sites that are identified.  PTA maintains a full inventory of survey/excavation equipment in sufficient quantity to conduct multiple projects simultaneously and also employs the use of the most up to date GPS and GIS mapping systems.

Additional equipment includes communications, photographic, and remote sensing equipment, as well as tools and software needed to accomplish laboratory work and report production to meet the needs of every project.


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